Terms and Conditions

Warranty Conditions

  1. Subject to the undermentioned specific limitations and exceptions, the Manufacturer warrants all new doors, motors and electronic components of its manufacture to be free from defect in workmanship under normal use and service and further warrants all installation carried out by the Manufacturer or by its nominated Installers to be free from defects and workmanship its obligations hereunder being limited to making good any such defect PROVIDED THAT notice of any claimed defect in Material workmanship in or resulting from installation of any door shall have been given to the Manufacturer within twelve (12) months from date of installation.
  2. This warranty does not apply to any defect, loss or damage arising or caused directly or indirectly by or as a result of:
    • Any masonry rendered or other surfaces cracking or collapsing during installation of the door
    • Any defect or deterioration of timber including drying out after installation
    • Any weakening or collapse of the structure to which the doors are affixed occurring any time after installation
    • Any damage to or deterioration in the condition of the doors occurring in transit by customer nominated or appointed carrier or occurring after delivery and prior to installation
    • Any defect (including defects in component parts or accessories) rising from or attributable to the failure to carry out normal preventive maintenance or adjustment
    • To any additional defect damage or deterioration arising from or attributable to the operation of the door after it is known to be defective
    • Any door being installed within 800 metres of the sea or other body of water of equivalent or greater salt concentration or in an area subject to industrial fall out
    • Any fault or surge in customer’s electricity supply
    • The door striking an immovable object during travel
    • While Ezi-Roll Roller Shutters are long lasting and hard wearing under normal conditions this warranty does not extend to inherent defects in steel or other Material used in the manufacture. The Manufacturer will however, procure and assign to the customer the benefit of the warranty of the Manufacturer of the steel or other Material.
    • If the Manufacturer has at the request of customer procured painting, powder coating or other surface application to its product, this warranty does not extend to such painting, powder-coating or other surface application. For this purpose the Manufacturer at all times acts as agent of customer. The Manufacturer may as a service to the customer but without any legal obligation to do so, assist customer to obtain redress in respect of any defect.
    • Subject only to the provisions of the Trade Practices Act and any legislation of the State or Territory wherein the door of the Manufacturer shall have been sold or installed (which may confer certain rights on consumers of goods and those rights by such legislation may be rendered incapable of exclusion) this warranty supersedes and excludes all representations, warranties and conditions whether expressed or implied by law and the Manufacturer shall have no liability or otherwise than herein provided for any loss and damage (including consequential loss and damage, loss of use or profits) by reason of delay, defective or faulty Materials or workmanship, negligence or any act, matter or thing done permitted or omitted to be done by the Manufacturer.
    • The Manufacturer reserves the right to touch up on site Colorbond and or pre-painted surfaces on its range of garage doors but no responsibility will be taken for the possibility of any paint rubs, scuffing etc on the internal wash coat finish or external painted surface.
    • Proof of purchase MUST be provided to the Manufacturer at time of warranty claim.

Conditions of Sale and Installation

  1. This is a Quotation Only – recommending type and size of doors suitable for the job. Confirmation as an order should be given by customer to the Manufacturer’s Representative or to the Manufacturer’s Office, “in writing” whereupon this Quotation shall become a Contract for Sale and where applicable also a Contract for Installation.
  2. The details given in the Quotation are subject to any alteration or preparation to be carried out by customer as specified on front of this Quotation.
  3. Where openings are not complete or actual accurate measurements cannot be taken on site, the ezi-roll roller shutters sizes and costs given in this Quotation are estimated only and would be subject to revision when accurate measurements can be taken on completion of the opening.
  4. Manufacture of ezi-roll roller shutters will not commence until accurate site measurements are available and can be checked.
  5. Where ezi-roll roller shutters are made to suit floor levels, lintel heights or opening sizes guaranteed by the customer, any departure from the given sizes will be the responsibility of the customer as will any costs involved in alteration of manufactured product.
  6. Any delivery, and/or installation dates given are approximate only and the Manufacturer accepts no liability for delay from any cause whatsoever. If by any reason or Act of God, war, government or semi-government enactment, regulation or restriction, lock-out, strike, industrial dispute, fire, tempest, flood, failure or inability to obtain licenses, transport or Materials or any other cause beyond the Manufacturer’s control delivery or installation is delayed the Manufacturer may extend the time of delivery or installation or if the Manufacturer is unable to deliver or install, the Contract shall be voidable at the Manufacturer’s option with no right to either party for damage, loss, cost or expense.
  7. If these conditions of sale (which shall only be varied, modified or rescinded by written agreement executed by the Manufacturer) shall differ in any respect from the customer’s acceptance or confirmation then these conditions shall prevail.
  8. This Quotation is open for acceptance for a period of 30 days from the date of Quotation. Acceptance thereafter will be at the option of the Manufacturer and subject to its written agreement.
  9. Price Variation – The prices quoted are based on current list prices for ezi-roll Roller Shutters and Material and Labour at date of Quotation. Any variation in these prices before completion of the Contract would be to customer’s account.
  10. Terms of Payment –
    • Unless specifically varied in writing by the Manufacturer the terms of payment are in full on delivery
    • If credit is extended the terms of payment are Net 7 days
    • Default in payment in accordance with invoiced terms for payment will result in the customer becoming liable to pay all Manufacturer’s recovery costs and interest fixed at 2.5% of invoice value
    • The customer acknowledges that all right title and interest in the goods particularised hereon shall remain the property of the vendor Manufacturer until such time as payment in full has been made. At any time after delivery and prior to payment the vendor Manufacturer shall have the right to enter into and upon any premise upon which the goods may be stored or installed and remove same without its incurring any liability in relation thereto and the customer hereby appoints the vendor Manufacturer his or her servant agent and attorney for the such purposes.
    • To secure to the Manufacturer the payment of the price the customer as owner lessee or tenant of the premises hereby charges the customers interest in the premises with the payment of the price. The Manufacturer may at any time after (but not before) default by the customer lodge a caveat over the customers interest in the premises.
    • Any discount applicable will not be granted if the account is unpaid after 7 days.
    • Any claim for damaged product must be made within 7 days of installation or delivery.
    • The Manufacturer does not itself carry out installation but will nominate an accredited Installer Contractor to carry out the work. Installation is then a matter of separate Contract with the Installer whose particulars are either provided in this Quotation or will be provided upon confirmation by the customer. The Manufacturer has taken all reasonable care to ensure that any Installer Contractor nominated is competent, experienced and skilled in the installation of the manufacturer’s doors. The Manufacturer will at all times use its influence to ensure any installation complaint is dealt with promptly and resolved to the reasonable satisfaction of the customer. The customer’s attention is also directed to the terms of the warranty above.
    • The installation costs cover only the work specified on the Quotation and do not, unless specifically stated, include rectifi cation of existing out-of-square openings or removal of old doors and fittings or electricity or gas fittings or the like.
    • Whilst reasonable care will be taken while drilling and fixing, the Manufacturer and its Installers will not be responsible for the failure, from any cause whatsoever, of any masonry or rendered surfaces while drilling or fixing by cracking or collapsing.
    • The term “take down old doors” or similar words used in this Quotation refers only to the taking of old doors off the structure and does NOT in any way imply removal or taking away of any old doors from the property or of disposing of such doors.

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