LR-Drive 3.14

Grifco LR-Drive Commercial Roller Door Opener

The powerful, slimline motor is suitable for light commercial roller doors up to 28m2 and requires only 45mm of side room.

Product Description

 Grifco LR-Drive Light Commercial Roller Door Opener

Designed specifically for large light commercial roller door applications, the Grifco LR-Drive is the fastest operator in its class, rolling up a 2.4m high door in just 21 seconds. With enough power to lift commercial roller doors up to 28m2 and wind-locked roller doors up to 22m2, this impressive motor benefits a slimline unit, requiring only 45mm of side room clearance.

Supplied with a separate attachable 24V Battery Backup Unit, 2 x 4-Channel keyring transmitters and a wireless wall control, the LR-Drive is also compatible with myQ connectivity technology, allowing users to control the operator from anywhere in the world. The operator complies with AS/NZS 60335-1 and AS/NZS 60335-2-103 standards.

The Grifco LR-Drive and included Battery Backup Unit are both backed by a 2-year/10,000 cycle warranty.

The Grifco LR-Drive replaces the Merlin MR950BBU automatic opener.


Product Features

  • Specifically designed for large and wind-locked roller doors
  • Opens a 2.4m high door in only 21 seconds
  • Requires only 45mm of side room clearance
  • Capable of lifting roller doors up to 28m²
  • Compatible with MyQ Connectivity (MyQ Gateway and Safety Beams not included)
  • Compliant with AS/NZS 60335-1 and AS/NZS 60335-2-103 standards
  • 2 Year/10,000 Cycle Motor Warranty

Architectural Spec

Part No. GLD-RDO
Main AC Power Supply 230-240 VAC 50Hz
System Operating Voltage 24 VDC Transformer
Power 150W
Maximum Pull Force 1,300N
Maximum Door Height 5.5m
Maximum Door Weight 270 kg balanced door
Maximum Door Area 28m2
22m2 wind-locked
Opening Travel Speed 2.4m high door in 21 seconds
Maximum Door Cycles 50 cycles / day
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Transmitter Management Compatible with STAR1000EVO (sold separately)
Side Room Clearance 45mm bracket between door drum and mounting bracket
Compliance AS/NZS 60335-1  /  AS/NZS 60335-2-103
Warranty 2 year / 10,000 Cycles

Grifco Features

– Over 100 years of Australian manufacturing
– Field offices and Field Service Technicians in all major capitals
– Customer service centre with technical support
– Industry leading brand with a proven track record for quality and support

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