Ezi GSA Roller DoorEzi GSA Roller DoorEzi GSA Roller Door

Ezi-GSA Roller Door

The Ezi-GSA is a light gauge continuous curtain roller door constructed of roll formed continuous steel curtain.

Product Description

The Ezi-GSA roller door are designed and manufactured in Australia from durable BlueScope steel and are made to suit most garage openings, adding style and character to any home. In addition to being built to operate with minimal noise and friction, ezi-roll roller doors are specifically designed with a reinforced bottom rail to protect your home against intruders.

The Ezi-GSA roller door can be applied to openings up to 3m high x 3m wide.

All Ezi-GSA roller doors can be either manually or automatically operated on request.

For high wind areas an additional windlock guide system can be supplied as a optional extra. Ventilated options are also available.

Doors are supplied either in zinc finish or pre painted Colorbond colours.
Doors may be secured using a centre lift key locking mechanism. Alternately the door may be locked via the use of external or internal slide bolt locks.

For further information pertaining to opening details or door specifications please do not hesitate to contact your local Eziroll Doors Australia Office.

Architectural Spec

Doors shall be continuous curtain steel model Ezi-GSA steel or similar. Installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Operation shall be manual hand lift or press button up/down/stop motorised or motorised remote control.

Curtain shall consist of roll formed zincalume base steel not less then 0.4mm base metal thickness. Polyglide strips shall be attached at the curtain edges for smooth quiet operation.

Aluminium bottom rail shall be attached to the steel curtain and weatherseal shall be attached to the bottom of the aluminium section.

Brackets shall be welded structural steel angles depending on the door size.

Counterbalance assembly shall include self lubrication nylon drum wheels upon which the curtain shall attach to. The assembly shaft consists of torsion springs attached to a continuous steel torsion rod. Springs to be of sufficient size to properly balance the door.

Guides shall be constructed of roll formed galvanised steel. Size of guide will change depending on the door size.

Locking shall be via centre lift lock or internal slide bolts or external slide bolts.



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