40 ali

Ezi-40 Ali

The Ezi-40 Ali is an aluminium roller shutter and forms part of the ezi-roll aluminium door products range.

Product Description

The Ezi-40 Ali is an aluminium roller shutter manufactured by ezi-roll Doors Australia and forms part of the ezi-roll aluminium door products range. The slimline, flat slat curtain is specifically designed from aluminium extrusion to provide a high level of security, suitable for applications such as retail shopfronts, secure parking structures, arcades, sporting complexes, clubs, bars and counter tops.
The Ezi-40 Ali can be slotted on request to provide ventilation where necessary or to create a more contemporary appearance. Where slotting is required for aesthetics only, a clear polycarbonate backing panel can be supplied to each interlocking slat within the door curtain, to prevent the entrance of foreign particles. The Ezi 40-Ali can be supplied in a vast range of sizes and colour finishes.

Architectural Spec

Proprietary Item:
Ezi-roll “Aluminium Roller Shutter” Ezi-40 Ali or equal approved.

Door Curtain:
40mm x 1.6mm Aluminium extrusion. Alternative aluminium sections are fitted with moulded end clips to reduce friction. Running in 50mm x
30mm extruded guides. Clear Anodised or Powdercoat finish.

For openings up to 4m high & 6.4m wide up to a maximum of 16m2.

Provide 95mm x 25mm vent slots at 70mm spacing as required in
the roller shutter. Slotting may include polycarbonate backing panel to reduce foreign particle entrance.

Roller Drum:
150mm or 229mm Spiral drum rotating on a 34mm heavy duty shaft fitted with helical springs to counterbalance the door in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

Roller Shutter can be either manually operated or motorised depending upon size requirements.

The slotting will provide a maximum of 33% free air flow per lineal
metre of slat.



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