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NATSPEC Case Study – Rocks Riverside Industry Park

Builder: Scattini Constructions Pty Ltd
Ezi-roll Doors Australia has played a sizable role in one of Brisbane’s newest purpose built Industry Parks. The 1.57 acre project at Seventeen Mile Rocks was formulated on the grounds of providing thirty-two functional warehousing tenancies for small businesses in the commercial and industrial district. The tenancies range from 50sqm to 120sqm in size. The development was completed comprising of three buildings across two stages and a total of sixty-five carparks throughout the site.

The Rocks Riverside Industry Park, commissioned by Scattini Constructions, required Ezi-roll’s industry-leading expertise in industrial shutters and automatic access to execute efficient tenancy access and safe operation.

Ezi-roll Doors manufactured and supplied a total of thirty-two industrial steel shutters for the project. Stage 1 comprised of seventeen Ezi115 steel roller shutter doors across two buildings and Stage 2 constituted another fifteen Ezi115 steel roller shutter doors to the third building. Each shutter was installed and connected with Grifco three phase motors. All thirty-two steel shutters were installed at a height of 5.1m, with varying widths up to 4.5m to suit the assorted tenancy size applications. Powder coating was applied to every door to meet the colour specifications provided by the client.

The profile of the Ezi115 Steel Shutter appealed to the client for the Rocks Riverside Industry Park, due to its flat profile and inherent wind locks in every slat rather than every second or fourth like other branded doors. This allowed Ezi-roll to exceed the wind ratings required for the area. An additional advantage of wind locking is that it offers extra security for the occupier, preventing intruders from entering the warehouses via the industrial shutter.

Project Manager, Brendan Gallagher, who has worked closely with Scattini Constructions for close to 10 years, said “Scattini continues to choose Ezi-roll Doors for projects like Rocks Riverside Industry Park because we provide first-class manufacturing and installation expertise that they can always depend on. What makes Ezi-roll Doors superior is that we offer the best range of products in the industry for all commercial applications.”

Safety prerequisites included the submission of comprehensive Safe Work Method Statements to demonstrate that the Ezi-roll team conducts regular internal training to maintain safe work practices when onsite. Ezi-roll’s strong safety culture meant that the manufacture and installation of the product were performed safely and efficiently.

Scattini Constructions were pleased that Ezi-roll Doors were compliant with all requirements of the project from tender specification to manufacturing and on-time installation.
Ezi-roll Doors Australia is proud to have been the preferred supplier for industrial shutters and automatic access systems in this impressive industry park for Scattini Constructions in Brisbane.

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Case Study – Tullamarine Airport Melbourne, Victoria

Ezi-roll Doors Australia was commissioned to manufacture, supply, and install a total of 380 motorised steel shutters for a $150 million, custom designed, 71,000m2 freight sorting facility and corporate headquarters at Tullamarine Airport. This was a high profile project completed in 2016 and has had considerable media attention, as well as scrutiny from local government and WorkSafe Victoria.

Ezi-roll met not only the scope, but the day to day scheduling requirements needed on a site of this size, and its customers’ requirements. Ezi-roll was one of many trades involved and needed to be able to work around the principle schedule and the constant changes that would occur on a day to day basis. It was challenging for Ezi-roll production to meet delivery dates, and for the Melbourne team to adapt to the site’s constantly changing schedule.

Ezi-roll Project Manager Tony Bloxsom said, “Among the challenges we faced was meeting airflow percentage requirements for the site. This was done using our 3mm multi hole perforated door slat while maintaining functionality.” Ezi-roll was to demonstrate its ability to deliver the project on time and meet the required scope.

“Several of the dock doors on site needed dock leveller integration. This is where the shutter will not operate unless the dock leveller is in its desired position. This was achieved using the Grifco motor coupled with its expansion board, which was wired up and connected by our electrician,” Bloxsom continued.

Bloxsom said Ezi-roll had to follow strict safety and security procedures and implement many specific requirements of the client; “Some larger doors needed the ability to open/close via a centralised security control panel and connect to a fire inspection panel (FIP) system. This was also achieved through the Grifco motor, its expansion boards, and PE beams wired by our electrician.

“All doors on site needed to be the same colour and have powder coating to both sides of the door, with consistency maintained across all 380 doors. The profile of our door slat was appealing to the client due to its flat profile and inherent windlocks in every slat rather than every second or fourth like other branded doors. This allowed us to exceed wind ratings required for the area. With the site of the new complex in an open area that is often windy, this was a high priority of our client.”

Bloxsom stated that the Grifco motor was the perfect choice for Ezi-roll during this project as, “Due to the sheer number of doors we needed, it is a motor that not only works well with our door, but has the type of quality control measures and after sales service to back us up, and in turn our client.”

The client was impressed with the way Ezi-roll shutters were installed compared to conventional shutters, reported Bloxsom; “This showed them we could meet the targets we had set as far as installs per day. We also needed to show we could service and maintain these shutters during the defects liability period (DLP) and beyond, if required in a timely manner. All doors were made the exact same size to make changing of any future damages much easier.”

The completion of the new freight and administration facility has allowed Toll to bring together 500 operational and administrative staff who were previously employed over three Melbourne sites, with a three-storey, 5,500m2 State administration and national operations office, an 850m2 operations office, a 20 room drivers’ rest facility, truck workshop and wash, gatehouses, and other associated services.

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